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One Big Family - Your Online Genealogy

  1. create your personal online genealogy
  2. share your genealogy with your family and friends
  3. explore a huge number of online genealogies
  4. birthday reminder emails
  5. automated notifications on saved queries when another users enters your ancestors

most popular people this week

Hildegard Habeck, née Granzow, *

Hermann Habeck, *

Olaf Scholz, * 1958 Osnabrück

Andreas Veauthier, *

Christel Scholz, née Grünewald, *

Agnes Adelheid Krüger, née Friedrich, * 1823, † 1898

Peter Constantine Baron von Braun, * 1960 USA

Gerhard Scholz, *

Thomas Kästner, née Siebert, * 1957

Maria Gabriele Jahn, née Beck, * 1924, † 2018

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